Music Group

Music Group

Spiky Music Group (SMG) was founded by one of the most creative, caretaking, loyal and forward-thinking professional in the music industry today!

CEO, Christine “Spiky,” Malvasio applies her worldwide personal experiences gained over the past 15 years while sourcing, developing and marketing her roster of artists’ music worldwide.

Spiky does it "Spiky's Way” by applying her 10-plus years of experience working in corporate America. Spiky now incorporates this into SMG’s business model, enabling monthly high-quality releases for each artist on the Diamond Distro Roster. Assuring each artist’s fan base gets fed a steady stream of new music each month. In turn, keeping fans locked on the artists' streaming platform, waiting for next month's release.

The SMG business models allow for creative streamlining in the distribution and marketing of her artists' releases. Spiky's unique way of developing artists has proven to create projects embraced by hundreds of playlist curators she carefully developed relationships with over the years. Her unique approach also embraces technology, which in turn, lowers the overall budget and allows for the acceleration of each artist’s releases.

SMG is NOT your traditional full-service entertainment/management company. The mission is to develop talented artists by pairing them with her team of Grammy Winning, Double Platinum songwriters and producers and lead her team with confidence and organic growth of their releases.

In order to deliver this type of quality music worldwide, SMG must provide a much higher level of education and coaching to both her management team and signed artists. SMG takes a consultant approach as they develop and create their artist brands. Therefore, only well-rounded, balanced, and educated employees make up Spiky's Team. Everyone is ready, prepared, and clearly understands what it takes to make a “SUPER STAR” in this ever-changing music business.